Hollyloft has many members that prefer an off-road riding experience. From Downhill racing to recreational getaways, getting out on the trail tends to be a favored path of riding. We have many team members that go out every day, whether it be riding the trail or even maintaining them. Our group of Mountain Bike Riders are very dedicated but are always looking for new riders. Stop in the store and check out our  selection of off-road bikes that will get you out and into the trails in no time.

We have some cool trails in our area!

Harris Hill Extension – Gerry NY – Single-track

HHE currently has 13 miles of single-track and is growing! Expect the amount of trail to go up next summer.

For more info on HHE check out their facebook page (link below), or stop into the store.

East/West side Overland Trail – XC

For longer distance, less challenging, the Overland trail is a nice way to put on miles at an easy pace. Also with places to camp, this trail is one of the most popular of the MTB spots in our area.

For directions and other info on these trails clink the link below.


Jakes Rocks – Warren PA – XC and Enduro

Jakes rocks, located in the Kinzua Area of Warren, is new within the last few years to our riding community. The trails here are TOP NOTCH and have terrain for every type of rider. New trails are constantly being built and is quickly becoming the popular destination to ride for people all around. Check them out! Info Below..