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Quality Service / Great Prices/Trust Hollyloft  /* Shop open all winter !!!!

Quality Service / Great Prices/Trust Hollyloft /* Shop open all winter !!!!

Tune-up Rates

  • Tiny Tune 16″ and Under – $9.95

  • Single Speed Tune – $34.95

  • Standard Tune – $49.95

  • Elite Tune – $74.95 (Includes Drivetrain Clean)

Quick Services

  • New Tubes – $4 per wheel (off bike)/ $6 per wheel (on bike)

  • Gear Adjustments – $0 if bike purchased here / $8 otherwise

  • Brake Adjustments – $0 if bike purchased here / $6 otherwise

The Seasons Are Changing; So Are We.

The Seasons Are Changing; So Are We.

The warm weather is just around the corner. With that in mind, we will be switching the store around to accommodate. Here are some photos of whats going on…


Get Your Equipment Serviced for the trip

Get Your Equipment Serviced for the trip

Both Ski and Bikes shops are currently in full swing! Wether you need your board or skis freshly waxed for the spring riding thats approaching, or you’re itching at the thought of getting that bike out of the garage, we’ve got you covered! Bring it by today!

There’s also the boating experience !!!

Let’s face it: boats are not a necessity. The fast majority of people don’t need a boat; they buy one because it makes them happy. It helps them bond with their family, escape the hustle-and-bustle of work, and relax for at least a few hours every time you want to take it out, and is a luxury we don’t need but we enjoy, similar to first class traveling or renting a limousine which are luxuries we sometimes can afford and companies like Ross Limo are happy to provide for this.

Unless you’re a commercial fishing captain, you buy a boat because you want to, not because you need to. Boating should be an enjoyable departure from your everyday life, and with these little tips, you’ll have more fun every time you go out.

Remember Your Safety Procedures
Yes, this post is about enjoyment, but before we start into the fun stuff, let’s get safety out of the way, and first look in Merritt Supply for the supplies for the trip. Make sure you are following all boating safety regulations and practices, including life jacket count, passenger capacity, and speed restrictions. It might sound preachy, but by ensuring all safety measures are followed, you can relax and enjoy boating with no worry.

Keep the Boat Clean and Organized
Think about how great it feels to have a clean, uncluttered office. This same principle applies to your boat. When it is clear, clean, and uncluttered, it’s easier to use and more enjoyable for everyone on board. You won’t have to step over lifejackets or spend a half hour searching for the right fishing equipment when everything is organized.

Take Time for Different Activities
Variety is the spice of life, so the saying goes. Going from the yacht club for lunch to the marina and back again gets old fast, so take time for a wide variety of activities, and try something new as often as possible. At Scout, we believe fishing should be part of every outing, but you can also try skiing, swimming, scuba diving, stopping at the beach, or simply cruising up the shoreline to a find a new restaurant.

Listen to Your Passengers
Your passengers should be a part of the experience, not just ride-along spectators. Listen to what they’re telling you. Is the water too choppy for some people? Would your group like to go fishing or get something to eat? Is it time to head in? A good boater will always take their passenger’s feedback to heart.

Choose the Right Boat or Bike
If you’re still in the market for a boat, take your time and choose the right one. Having the perfect boat for you and your family will make a big difference in your long-term enjoyment. What do you want to do with your boat? How much boating experience do you have? How many people do you want to bring along? Asking these questions before buying will help you have more fun for years and years. If you’re thinking about using that old bicycle you have all dusted in your garage and it’s probably going to need to fix a lot of parts of it just take it to this bike store Adelaide and get it fixed at a very good price and early enough so you can enjoy it on this time of the season.