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 Our bike group started out as a very informal small group that loved to ride and experience nature and get a little exercise at the same time.  We did garden tours, cemetery tours, wine and cheese tours and once in a while we had been known to stop for ice cream!  Oh how the group has changed over the last seven years!  We now have over 250 riders that love to ride and enjoy each others company.  We have four basic groups: About 7 groups total

“A” riders are the racers and they love to ride hard and fast.  It is hard to keep up with these guys and gals.  The “B” riders are fast and sometimes race.  They are people who like to keep in shape and will sometimes ride with the “A” group.  Our “C” riders are good recreational riders who ride for the fun of it, but can keep a steady pace over moderate distances.  The “D” group is the fun group that stays mostly on the flat courses.  This group has older riders, new riders, recovering riders and handicapped riders.  Formerly known as the “ ice cream group”  they are now known as the “ chat “ group!